Claytech Inox 250

Inox 250A
Max Flow Rate: 100 l/min
Max Pressure: 600 KPa
Automatic multi-stage pump with external electronic controller for quieter residential applications.
Automatic on/off operation
Dry run protection
24 hour automatic restart to test for rainwater
Self Priming
2 year warranty

The Inox series multi-stage pump is well-known for its quiet, reliable service in the Australian market. Designed for a larger Australian home, it is more energy efficient than a jet pump while being self-priming to a depth. This makes it ideal for above and below ground rainwater tanks. It has automatic operation with dry-run protection and 24 hour automatic restart to see whether there is water in the rainwater tank. Ideal for whole of house installations.

Price: $850.00
Claytech Inox 250