ClayTech AQUATRON2P CONTROLLER- Pump Controller


Simple to use electronic pump controller. It enables the pump to turn on when the household tap is opened and turns off when the tap is closed. Also provides dry-run protection when the rainwater tank is empty. If the rainwater tank is empty it re-starts the pump every 24 hours to see if it has rained.

Electronic Pump Controller
It allows automatic pump operation: It starts the pump when the tap is turned on and stops it about 10 seconds after the tap is turned off.
It protects the pump from dry operation: It stops the pump when there is no flow of water, thus preventing possible damage to the pump. This alarm is indi­cated by the LED called FAILURE on the front of the device.
It ensures constant flow and pressure.
24-hour automatic restart to test for rainwater
Easy plug and play installation
The controller has a 3-pin socket for the pump to be plugged into and a 3 pin plug to connect to the electrical supply power-point.

Price: $115.50
ClayTech AQUATRON2P CONTROLLER Pump Controller