BIA-HSM750 ManuaL

BIA-HSM750 808482

Bianco Submersible Drainage Pump
0.75kW, 50Hz, 240V, 18m Max Head, 250 L/min, IP68, 2" Pipe Connection Discharge
Designed for de-watering of construction sites, pits, storm water and basements where there is abrasive material.

Industrial grade coating
Stainless Steel Handle
Easy service round style float
Corrosion resistant pump components
Automatic and manual operations available
Dual mechanical seal in oil bath, silicon carbide/silicon carbide + carbon ceramic
Fitted with semi-vortex, urethane coated impeller which allows pumping of suspended solids, sandy and stringy material
Agitator on the end of the pump shaft helps prevent air locking and clogging
Versatile outlet connection
240V single phase motor with in-built auto reset thermal overload
10m of power cable (H07RNF)
Urethane strainer resists damage
Can handle particles to 25mm x 10mm
Water temperature range: 2ºC to 35ºC
Maximum submergence: 20m

BIAHSM750 ManuaL