RVE160 Reefe Sump Pump


This REEFE® submersible vortex pump has been specifically designed for sump pump out applications. European made, this exceptional quality pump is ideal for integration into wastewater treatment systems, stormwater pits and grey water installations.
Features a compact, lightweight construction for fast installation and a superior impeller design with soft solids handling up to 30mm.

160Lpm Max 7Mtr Max

Ideal for:-
• Sump drainage
• Pool emptying
• Septic systems
• Stormwater

Features and Benefits:-
• Light weight and compact design for faster and easier installation
• Multi hosetail outlet 25/32mm
• Soft solids handling up to 30mm
• 10m H05RN-F Power Cable
•Superior vortex impeller design for advanced air locking prevention
• Easily adjustable float switch
guaranteeing better, faster and easier installation
•Double walled motor housing design, for effective cooling and low thermal rise, resulting in longer service life
• Stainless steel motor casing and shaft
• Technopolymer vortex impeller with special sand-lifting design to reduce clogging and wear
• High-grade, corrosion-proof NORYL PPO main body and base
• Jointly sealed shaft with spring loaded seal ring and slide-ring axial seal.
• European adjustable depth float switch
• Motor insulation Class F
• Noryl base, outlet and hosetail

Price: $299.00
RVE160 Reefe Sump Pump