Sun-Buddy Solar Pumps

SUN-BUDDY™ Solar System is an effective solution to move water, whether you’re farming on a small scale or enjoying a rural lifestyle. The SUN-BUDDY™ can pump water from rivers, lakes, tanks and dams for crop irrigation, stock watering, garden watering and general household use. It has been designed to combine outstanding performance, long life and minimal maintenance and has a variety of mounting options. The solar array has the option of being post or roof mounted, with a float option available for use on dams and lakes.

Driven by solar energy, this small but efficient pump needs no diesel, electricity, wind or battery power to run, making SUN-BUDDY™ an environmentally-friendly solution.

Manufactured in Australia, the SUN-BUDDY™ is designed to operate in the harshest conditions, and can be installed in almost any terrain with access to sunlight, no matter how remote.

SUN-BUDDY’s robust, brushless, submersible DC motor delivers high torque, high efficiency performance and features thermal overload protection that ensures long life and reliable operation. A solar maximum power point tracker adjusts the voltage output of the 195 Watt solar array to maximize power generation and increase or decrease voltage to suit the demands being placed on the pump.

Your water supply won’t be compromised if you are away from the property, giving you time to focus on the more important priorities.

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SunBuddy Solar Pumps